Our specialized oncology center will provide comprehensive care for cancer patients, including consultations, oncological diagnosis (cytological examination, sampling for histopathological examination, imaging diagnostics including MRI and CT), oncological surgery, chemotherapy and supportive and palliative oncology including nutrition of oncology patients.

Radiotherapy and immunotherapy is provided in cooperation with the Veterinary University of Vienna.

Cytological examination
Cytological examination is usually the first step in oncological diagnostics. It enables the veterinarian to distinguish between benign and malignant processes, and in some cases provides a definitive diagnosis. Cytological examination is provided in house and the results are immediately available to us.

Treatment of cancer
Cancer treatment depends on the diagnosis, the patient's condition and the wishes of the owner. Treatment of cancer is complex and may include oncological surgery, conventional chemotherapy, metronomic chemotherapy, treatment with tyrosine kinase inhibitors, radiation and/or immunotherapy. Often, a combination of these options is employed. Equally important is the supportive therapy consisting of pain management, physical therapy or modification of the patient's diet.

Oncological Surgery
Oncological surgery alone is considered only after the patient is determined to have a tumor that can be completely removed. If the entire tumor cannot be removed, or metastases are already present, then combined treatment must be used. The best hope for a complete cure always lies in the first oncologic surgery, therefore surgery should be in the hands of experienced surgeons.

Chemotherapy of animals with oncological diseases 
Chemotherapy is now a commonly used method of treatment in veterinary oncology. When applied correctly, chemotherapy is tolerated very well. Dogs or cats usually do not lose their hair and vomiting, diarrhea or loss of appetite can be prevented by adequate supportive care. We apply chemotherapy treatments in a specialized oncology hospitalization where our cancer patients are kept separate from other patients. Throughout the application, the patient is under medical supervision. Thereby we achieve maximum operational safety for the patient, other animals in the clinic and their owners.

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