If your pet is suffering from neck or back pain, dragging one leg, limps, has a seizure disorder, is losing balance, or cannot bear his own weight, contact a veterinary neurologist.

Diagnosis of neurological problems
The diagnosis of neurological problems is most commonly made using magnetic resonance imaging that we have right in our department.

Most frequent neurological problems:
- Seizures, epilepsy 

- Hearing impairment, deafness (BAER test)

- Visual disturbances, blindness

- Soreness in the back and neck - spinal disorders 

- CNS inflammatory disease 

- Head and spine trauma

- Gait and balance issues

- Instability of the cervical spine - Wobbler syndrome 

- Cauda equina syndrome

- Paralysis, polio

- Muscle diseases

- Brain disease

Cervical spine surgery - discopathy, Wobbler syndrome 

Thoracolumbar spine surgery

Lumbosacral spine surgery - cauda equina syndrome

Specialized surgical room that fulfills AAHA criteria
Specialized orthopedic, neurosurgery and thoracic surgery performed in separate surgical theaters with an emphasis on an aseptic environment, including the use of quality-tested materials and procedures that are always in line with best practices. The use of inhalation anesthesia, the constant presence of an anesthetist and patient monitoring are standard practices.


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