Otitis Externa

Inflammation of the ears is either independent or appearing in connection with other skin diseases.

The primary causative factors are ear mites, foreign bodies (mostly hair), injuries, allergies, particularly atopy and allergy to food, autoimmune disorders, and pyoderma. Tumors or polyps are less often causes.

In some breeds, inflammation of the ears occurs more often. Predisposition is affected by various factors including narrow ear canals, hair sprouting from the canal (poodle), water entering the canal while swimming, and heavy low-set pinna (cocker spaniel). The disease is a factor in microbial colonization entrenching in the ear canal. Most often these pathogenic microbes are staphylococci spp., pseudomonas spp., and proteus spp., complicated with yeast infection.

The most common symptoms of otitis externa are shaking of the head, scratching ears, and a foul smell from the ear canal. Sometimes an outflow of sebum, pus or blood is observed.

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